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  • The cost of a roll up (about $0.23, based on an hourly wage of $9.05).
  • The cost of a business card and a promotional card (about $0.05).
  • The cost of the table napkin, since there’s one inserted in the pouch.
The fact that the pouches are manufactured industrially and the table napkins mechanically inserted reduces manual handling to a minimum.

Yes. Since the table napkin is pre-inserted in the pouch, you only have to insert utensils to complete the table setting.

The pouch is the perfect ambassador to promote your business and your brand image since you can customize it, on both sides, according to your tastes.

Print your logo, tagline and any other element on the front to enhance your brand image. Use the back to communicate additional information to promote your business, such as coordinates, savings coupons, special events, etc.

Yes. The paper we use is FSC certified and the result of eco-responsible solutions. Also, we only use non-toxic glue and organic ink to eliminate any risk of toxicity. Finally, our pouch is 100% recyclable and made in Canada.

Allow six weeks for delivery. The cost of transportation is calculated based on a regular service rate. There will be extra charges should the use of a hydraulic forklift, manual unloading or special handling be required.

There is a patent pending (US62/231,114) for the family of products used to manufacture the utensil pouch with the pre-inserted napkin.


Our prices are valid for 45 days. Should there be an increase in the cost of raw material in the period between the date of the estimate and the order processing, prices may be subject to change, in which case this will be supported by documents from our suppliers.

All applicable taxes are extra.

The full payment of each invoice is due upon the signature of the order.

Payment must be made via PayPal (Visa, Master Card) or by certified cheque at the time of the order acceptance by the Buyer. Total payment will be withdrawn, and the contract will come into effect.

Chic Choc Design Inc. will retain ownership of the goods sold until the full payment of the order. Plus the said goods cannot be pledged or hypothecated to anyone before full payment is made.

The cost of transportation is calculated based on a regular service rate. There will be extra charges should the use of a hydraulic forklift, manual unloading or special handling be required.

All sales are final, and returns won’t be accepted. In certain cases, reimbursement may be made to the Buyer pertaining that Chic Choc Design Inc. has not started to work on the order in question.

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The Caméléon flatware pouch will add flair and style to your tables!

The Flatware Pouch is Customizable on the Front and Back, Make it Yours!

What an ever ending story these famous flatware roll-ups. They are a headache for all restaurant owners and managers. First, their making is time consuming, and time is money! Then, they are not hygienic because the faltware and the napkin are handled generously during their making. And finally, let’s face it, they are not good-looking!

Yet, a solution exists. A chic, hygienic and efficient solution that gives you a lot more for your money.

The Flatware Pouch with a Pre-Inserted Napkin, Perfect for all Types of Restaurants!

First, it adds style and flair to your table’s place settings. You can customize it according to your tastes, on the front and back. You get to choose: the napkin quality, the color of the pouch and the message you want to spreadout . See our portfolio.

Restaurants it’s Time to Put Your Brand Image Forward

Futher more, the flatware pouch is a unique and original business card placed at each cover. Think about it, each customer will have the opportunity to appreciate your selling proposition. On the front of the pouch we suggest you put your logo. On the back put additional information that will promote your restaurant or a product your wish to push. For example, a publicity, a sponsorship, a discount coupon, your contact information, opening hours, etc … The important is to think the content of the message so that your customers will want to keep the pouch. They will then have in hand a tool to refer your establishment to their friends and family.

Quick Table Setting

Then, the pouch will allow a quick setting of the flatware and napkin.

The pouch are delivered to your restaurant with the napkin already inserted, all is left to do is insert the faltware. Much quicker than roll-ups!

A Hygienic and Eco-Responsible Product

Obviously, the pouches are very hygienic since they are manufactured industrially and the napkins are inserted mechanically, which considerably reduces the human manipulation.

In addition, we use non-toxic glue and vegetable ink in order to eliminate all possibilities of toxicity.

They are 100% recyclable and are made in Canada.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is undeniable that the flatware pouch helps restaurants to enhance their brand image in addition to offering a greater customer experience.

While several restaurants owners have already introduced it, are you still waiting? It’s time to put your brand image forward and make the envy of your competitors!

Contact us to get a quote.

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